In the crowded sea of gaming apps in the App Store, there are a few that stand out that epitomize simple iPhone gaming. Taking simple simple accelerometer controls and the cool neon and black graphics that we've seen in so many games now, Blue Defense sort of set the standard for simple app gaming.

Cat In A Box Games is now coming out with the sequel, called Blue Defense - Second Wave. The sequel takes all that made the first game so great, and adds on some features that will make it any better.

Now there will be 4 game modes, a new weapon, multitouch targeting, two enemy factions to fight against, and 64 levels to fight your way through... that is if you don't want to play the classic Infinite mode.

With all of the new updates, it's hard to imagine that the game will retain its simple nature, but judging on how well the other games in the series have fared (Blue Attack, Red Conquest), I think it will do just fine. It may not be the simplistic game that we used to love, but I'm sure that it will still hang around on our iOS device of choice for just as long.

There is no release date or word on the pricing yet, but we'll be sure to make a big fuss when the game finally arrives.

Be sure to check after the jump for some more screenshots... they look mighty fine.

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