"Blowing Stuff Up is Fun" - Tank Nation Decimates the App Store Today for Free

Posted by Rob Rich on November 14th, 2013
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Show of hands, who here has fond memories of classic "artillery" games (Gorilla, Artillery, Worms, etc)? Okay, anyone who didn't raise their hand is lying because these games are always awesome. And that's what Jamil, James, and George over at Wormhole Games are banking on with their new iPad game, Tank Nation.

Tank Nation is, you guessed it, an artillery game. One that's heavy into customization, which is a particular soft spot of mine. Drivers, treads, and more can all be collected and swapped around as you build up a garage full of various kinds of tanks. And build up a variety you should as there are elemental and environmental strengths and weaknesses to consider. Plus it looks flippin' gorgeous. I mean really, look at it!

We'll have a review for you to enjoy as soon as we're able, but in the meantime you should grab your iPad and download Tank Nation for yourself. And if you don't have an iPad, don't fret; an iPhone version is in the works with a currently undetermined release date.

iPad Screenshots

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Tank Nation screenshot 1 Tank Nation screenshot 2 Tank Nation screenshot 3 Tank Nation screenshot 4 Tank Nation screenshot 5
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