Blocky Farm guide - how to plant roots in your new farm

Posted by Jessica Famularo on October 31st, 2017
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If you've been looking for a mobile version of Stardew Valley, Blocky Farm definitely fits the bill, allowing you to create the farm of your dreams. You'll raise your own crops and livestock in this pocket-sized farming sim.

Farming is hard work, though, especially when you're starting from scratch. Here are a few tips to help you get your little farm off to a great start.

Complete the quests

Frank, your friendly guide, will give you a whole list of tasks to do right out of the gate. Be sure to complete all of them for some generous rewards that are key to getting your farm started. Completing quests early on is also an excellent way to learn how to play the game, ensuring you're better equipped to take on future farming challenges.

Tap on the birds

Birds might be a pest to everyday farmers, but that's not the case in Blocky Farm. Tap on the birds you see flying overheard to earn some easy gold and gems. Making this a habit will ensure you have enough resources to keep your farm growing.

Upgrade your silo early on

Silos are vital for storing your crops and other items you'll find in the game. Upgrade your silo at the first chance you get to increase your storage capacity so you can keep collecting and harvesting.

Watch the videos

As is the case with many a free-to-play game, Blocky Farm gives you the option to watch advertisements in exchange for extra earnings from completing Delivery Truck orders. Never turn down this offer, as it's a good way to get rich quickly.

Happy animals make for a happy farm

It's easy to get distracted by raising crops and raking in the riches, but your animals need some TLC, too. Make sure that you collect everything your animals produce ASAP and keep them well fed -- including your dog! This will increase their love for you, and in turn improve the rewards you will get from the timed chests in the game.

Are you already an experienced farmer? Share your own tips in the comments.

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