The Blockheads received a new update adding additional features and a number of fixes. No longer do players need to leave their device running during hours of long crafting times. With this update, players can now exit the app and blockheads will still complete their queued actions, unless they get too exhausted. These changes hope to further improve the experience after users have already accumulated over 1,000 years worth of playtime.

– No need to leave your device running for long crafting times anymore. Instruct a blockhead to craft 10 ingots, exit the app, come back after enough time has elapsed and it’ll be done! When you exit, time will continue for each blockhead until all queued actions and crafting are completed, or they get too exhausted. Watch out though, while blockheads are busy they will get tired and hungry as usual, and they can even suffer damage.

via: Our Review source: Twitter