So you bought an electric vehicle - good job! Gas prices are getting so expensive, and if everyone starts selling their kidneys to fill up their gas guzzlers, soon we won't be able to get much for our kidneys anyway.

However, as an EV owner, you might be afraid of your car dying somewhere with nary an electric charger in sight, because gas stations are still far more common than EV chargers. ECOtality is hoping to lighten up this "range anxiety" with their upcoming app, Blink. This app is designed to show where nearby chargers are according to either your current location, or according to a location of your choice. Users can also check the current status of Blink chargers, to see where chargers might be in use, and can get notifications of when the status of chargers change.

As ECOtality CEO Jonathan Read puts it, "ECOtality has long maintained that EV adoption is a viral activity,
this application is the first of many in development that will connect EV drivers to their car." The app will be made available this summer for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

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