Black Friday in the App Store -- Part 2?

Posted by Jeff Scott on December 5th, 2008

Looks like a bunch of iPhone software developers that didn't get in on the fun last weekend have decided to make this a Black Friday Part 2. Lots of apps and games on sale. Check out our Price Drops page for the full list. Below are a few of the more notable ones. Just like last week, we'll update this if more pop in and send a notification on our Twitter stream.

[Updated 12/6/2008 2:30pm Pacific]

Read on for our picks of the best sale apps today.

A few came in overnight while I was sleeping off a hangover. Just a note kids, beer before liquor, never SICKER... Not never BETTER as I was told last night. Sigh.

[itmsapp: 295805469]
[itmsapp: 296596304]
[itmsapp: 295529621]
[itmsapp: 292531072]
[itmsapp: 291919339]
[itmsapp: 291387779]
[itmsapp: 294340239]
[itmsapp: 294026381]
[itmsapp: 294758914]
[itmsapp: 293736180]

A few more have started to come in:

[itmsapp: 284837566]
[itmsapp: 298814566]
[itmsapp: 283595343]
[itmsapp: 294331009]

Let's start with some games -- of which there are a lot!

[itmsapp: 297408435]
[itmsapp: 290461039]
[itmsapp: 289651516]
[itmsapp: 296399693]
[itmsapp: 295207047]
[itmsapp: 297415331]
[itmsapp: 294263403]
[itmsapp: 284896685]
[itmsapp: 297757688]
[itmsapp: 297319960]
[itmsapp: 284994051]
[itmsapp: 290383933]
[itmsapp: 290863578]
[itmsapp: 297459265]
[itmsapp: 296833564]
[itmsapp: 296141140]
[itmsapp: 298051834]
[itmsapp: 296072908]
[itmsapp: 291690961]
[itmsapp: 296284903]
[itmsapp: 294850556]

I told you there were a bunch! How about some apps as well:

[itmsapp: 293642937]
[itmsapp: 290002756]
[itmsapp: 296230065]
[itmsapp: 288654588]
[itmsapp: 287530882]
[itmsapp: 296273148]

That's the best of the best for now. We'll post if more pop up. Have a great weekend.

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