Oh, the horror. I remember the bitter battles fought to wedge those triangular pieces of cardboard into their proper spaces—the dismay at realizing that I had just created a mutant, two-colored frog—the frustration as I dumped the entire puzzle onto the floor, time and time again…

triazzleOkay, so Triazzles weren’t exactly the bane of my childhood; actually, I loved them! They were pretty darned popular in the 90’s…so popular, in fact, that they’ve sold over 5 million copies worldwide. Basically, a Triazzle is a triangular matching puzzle. It looks easy on the surface, but don’t worry; it’s a challenge.

The iPhone version, set to be released on July 17th, includes both 9 and 16 piece puzzles, three difficulty levels, plenty of eye candy, and a “Shake to Solve” (cheater!) feature. Personally, I spent a ton of time with these things as a kid, but somehow managed to lose my collection in the intervening years. I’m looking forward to the chance to solve one again!

Will the physical glory of the brainteaser translate to a digital platform? I certainly hope so. The pre-release screenshots certainly look great.

Game features after the break —>

Here’s the developer’s feature list:
– Pick-up-and-play, Triazzle is intuitive and easy to learn!
– 9 and 16 piece puzzle formats (others on the way!)
– Beginner, intermediate and difficult levels
– Special Kids’ Games for players 5 and up
– Puzzle characters come to life when they are correctly matched
– Pieces are easy to manipulate, just touch and drag, tap to rotate
– Handy “docks” store puzzle pieces and may be retracted for additional playing space
– “Matches” feature highlights all correctly matched pieces
– Animated Hints feature assists you when you need help
– “Shake-to-Solve” completes any puzzle for you
– “Simple Backgrounds” option provides less detailed screens for visually challenged
– Easy to follow, illustrated Help screens
– No clock for stress-free game play
– Games in play are automatically saved
– Dozens of stunning graphical environments
– Exotic original music scored by film and TV composer Billy White Acre

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