Seven days have flown past, smashing into history like negligent birds twonking into windows. Which means it's time now to round up the best games that have come out over the last week. It's not a vintage crop, but there's a few gems scattered throughout.

Obviously, if you think we've missed anything you should let us know in the comments section down at the bottom of the article. Oh, and there are download and review links where applicable. So enjoy, grab some brilliant games, and make sure you come back next week, you don't want to miss out on anything after all.

Bombarika - download for iOS

There's a bomb loose in your house. You need to tap a bunch of objects to move that bomb to safety. Sometimes that's pushing it out of the door, sometimes it's trapping it in a safe, sometimes it's something else. There's loads of puzzles, there's a strange sense of humour, and you're going to enjoy seeing it through to the end.

Tiny Bubbles - download for iOS

You might think that the match-stuff puzzler is a worn out genre, but you'd be wrong, and Tiny Bubbles is here to prove that. The colored blobs you're popping are bubbles, and they move around and distort as they explode. There's loads of levels, and plenty of new mechanics and ideas are added the deeper you get into the experience.

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Be Zero - download for iOS

A number puzzler that rolls some new ideas around. It's got an interesting art-style that's very much its own, and it's premium as well. There's a lot going on here, and an intelligence that threads through everything, and even if you're not a math-whizz you're going to find an awful lot to enjoy here.

Galaxy Punch - download for iOS

You're the Earth. You have boxing gloves. And you're under attack. It's up to you to punch everything that's flying in your general direction. This is an arcade high-score chaser that's plump with silliness but still manages to be challenging. And it's about the world smacking space enemies in the face. What's not to like?

Dust and Salt - download for iOS

A mixture of a text-based adventure and a turn-based strategy game. The story here is impressively deep, as you might imagine, but the addition of the combat means you're not always reading. There's plenty to work your way through, and even if you're not a super fan of text, you're probably going to find something to enjoy.

Missile Dancer - download for iOS

A frantic shooter that takes the best parts of the bullet hell genre and squished them into a shape that works remarkably well on mobile. Then there's the art-style, which quite frankly snaps off the screen in the most wonderful way. It's fresh, it's enjoyable, and fans of the shooter are going to lap up everything it offers.

Super Doggo Snack Time - download for iOS

Just read that title. Read that title and try not to smile. Sure this is a simple game, but it features gorgeous animated dogs, who are trying to catch all of the snacks that are falling on it from the table above. It's sweet in all of the right ways, and while it might not stick around on your phone for long, you're going to enjoy the time you spend with it.

Awesome Space Delivery Company - download for iOS

There's a clue in the title as to what this one's about. You're controlling a spaceship by tapping each side of the screen. You need to deliver the packages you've got safely, collect the money, and then upgrade your intergalactic shipping containers. There's a bright, cheery nonsense here, but it hides a surprisingly challenging experience that's well worth checking out.

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