Bean's Quest Beginner's Guide: Never stop jumping

Posted by Jessica Famularo on March 21st, 2017
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Bean's Quest
is a new take on both the classic platformer and the endless runner, and it's free on the App Store for the time being. Instead of running constantly, you can't stop jumping. That adds a surprising new level of challenge to the game, especially at later levels. Let's walk through how to truly master Bean's Quest as a newcomer.

Take your time
Bean's Quest is quite different from other platformers. Rather than dashing about, jumping at your own free well, your character, Emilio, jumps automatically, meaning you'll have to be extra careful about timing. It definitely takes some time to adjust to this new platforming mechanic, so go slowly at first to make sure you get the timing right.

If you want a challenge, pay attention to the jump counts
Once you get used to the game's unique platforming style, you can try for a jump challenge. You'll see a meter at the top of your screen counting up your jumps. For example, the first level's meter will read x/15. Try to complete the level in just 15 jumps to get an extra reward. It's a good deal harder than it sounds.

Be extra careful of obstacles
Dodging spike pits and other dangers comes with the platforming territory, but Bean's Quest requires some added finesse. Since you bounce uncontrollably, you should always be on the lookout for dangers around you to prevent an unnecessary death.

Bean's Quest can be difficult if you're used to traditional platformers, but these tips should help you get a good start.

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