Nexon's latest mobile hit is Battlejack, a fun mix of Black Jack and RPGs of yore. You'll be building up a team of fighters before heading into battle, playing cards with the hopes of making it to the elusive number 21 and unleashing an ultra-powerful attack to conquer your enemies.

Before you get that far, though, it's good to remember a little planning goes a long way. Brush up on these tips and you'll become a Battlejack master in no time.

Build a well-balanced team

Every hero you collect and enemy you face has an elemental affinity. Take this into account when building your team. You'll want to make sure that all of your bases are covered so you can fight off everything the game has in store for you.

It's also good to make sure that your team has a range of attack types. This, again, will keep you from getting backed into a corner during tough battles. Variety is key in Battlejack.

Know when to take a gamble

Knowing when to take a risk and when to play it safe is par for the course in Black Jack, and the same goes for Battlejack, despite its high-fantasy trappings. As you play more and more cards, the risk gets higher. When you're at about 15 or 16, it's definitely a risk, but there's still a good chance you will draw a low card that won't put you over the top. Anything above 17, though, and it's a good idea to just fire off your attack rather than losing your chance.

Complete quests

Pay attention to the quests on offer. Completing these little tasks, which usually involve killing groups of enemies and the like, will grant you Grand Chests, which contain premium items. Tasty.

Are you already wise in the ways of Battlejack? Share your own advice in the comments.

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