Battlejack beginner's team building guide

Posted by Jessica Famularo on August 30th, 2017
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Battlejack is an exciting new blackjack game from Nexon with a cool RPG twist. It's a little bit Pokemon, a little bit Final Fantasy, and a little bit Las Vegas, and we're enjoying it quite a lot.

While the luck of the draw plays a large part, your team's structure is even more vital to your success. You'll need a strong party if you want to withstand some of the more difficult monsters out there. We're here to show you how to build the strongest team possible.

Maintain elemental balance

Make sure that you have one hero of each element on your team to counter any type of monster you might come across.

It's also helpful to note the type of dungeon you'll be adventuring in. If you're exploring the Barrens, for example, you'll be coming across Fire type enemies more frequently. Use extra party slots to include some Water type party members.

Pay attention to Leader and Hero Skills

The first card in your party automatically becomes the leader, which unlocks a special Leader Skill. These skills might give a defense buff to characters of a certain element or alignment, improve attack, or other side effects. Check each of your heroes leader skills and see which one fits your current mission or goals and put that character in the lead position.

Hero Skills are also important. When building your team, choose the characters with the best skills for your situation. Some of the weaker cards don't have any skills at all! It's also helpful to pair characters who can pull off combos together.

Traits are key

If you take a look at the bottom left corner of your character's profile picture, you'll see little square icons. These icons indicate your character's traits. As you work your way through a dungeon, pay attention to the traits of your enemies, and figure out how they lign up with those of your heroes. Use this information to your advantage.

If you have a flying hero, for example, they'll take less damage from non-ranged attacks, so use them against normal melee enemies who can't attack from afar.

What's your favorite team setup in Battlejack? Tell us about it in the comments.

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