Batman’s back (well, technically he’s just getting started) in an all-new prequel comic for the iPad. Batman: Arkham Origins – A DC Comics MultiVerse Graphic Novel takes place right before the start of its console brethren and follows Mr. Wayne’s exploits as he attempts to clean up Gotham City the only way he knows how: by kicking people in the face.

Arkham Origins is no mere digital comic, however. It’s actually one of DC’s special MultiVerse stories. What does that mean exactly? Well it’s basically a Batman Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, complete with animations, sound effects, and background music no less. Readers will be able to make choices as they read along; some of which may even bring a premature end to the Dark Knight.

A preview of the first chapter of Arkham Origins is free to sample, with the rest available for $0.99. If you’re interested you can continue to pay for each new chapter as it comes out, or even prepay for the remainder of the collection (8 issues total) for $14.99.