The first time I saw a preview of Badland I was immediately struck by it's beautiful design. The silhouette foreground and the brightly colored background is a very striking look. Now that I've had a little hands-on time, I'm even more impressed.

Badland is an auto-runner from developer Frogmind where the player controls the wing flapping of a little furry dust bunny. Or at least it looks like a dust bunny. Traveling through 2D mazes with various things that both change the size of the bunny, the speed, and even the number of them. Getting through tight spaces, blockades, avoiding falling garbage, and avoiding being crushed is what players must do to get to the end of the level.

All in all, Badland is a very compelling, fun game that's presented in a story mode of sorts. There's also an option to play any of the levels already completed with specific goals for each level.

Multiplayer support is also included and makes Badland a single screen party game. In multiplayer mode, up to four players can fight it out in a survival of the fittest test. Each player's character tries to fly to the end and not get left behind. The 2-4 players each control their on-screen flyer by touching on a corner. Here's a quick demo of the multiplayer in Badland.

Take a look at this exclusive video from the first few levels of the game.

Badland is a well done game and seems very fun. It's a Universal iOS app and should hit the App Store later this month.

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