Backflip Studios Holiday Lineup

Posted by Chris Hall on December 16th, 2010

Backflip Studios, of Ragdoll Blaster, Harbor Havoc 3D, and Paper Toss fame, has been making a living on creating short, arcade style games that are extremely fun and impossible to put down. Being the holiday season and all, they have some new apps coming out that will certainly waste away your precious moments in blissful fashion.

NinJump Deluxe: Endless high score games seem to be a dime a dozen in the App Store, but Backflip studios really hit gold with NinJump. Being a free game, I wasn't all that excited about the launch, but the unexpectedly deep match-3 elements along with the fantastic graphics and sound made the my favorite high score game of the year. The new edition of the game, NinJump Deluxe, is an extension of the original that gives you two entirely new levels and a slew of new enemies, including pirates, sea monsters, and bee hive throwing monkeys. Unlike the original, the deluxe version will sell for 99 cents, but will be updated with plenty of new content in the future.

Backflip Slots: The first in a series of "Backflip Casual" games that aim to "deconstruct, reinterpret, improve and add some much-needed pizazz to some old favorites," Backflip Slots is a typical slots game with a few twists. Like most casino games in the App Store, Backflip slots allows you to win and collect prizes, but these prizes have an impact on the game and can skew the odds in your favor. With great looking graphics and endless amounts of gameplay, Backflip Slots is sure to please any casino gamer looking for a quick fix.

Both games launch today (12/16), so be sure to pick up the latest and greatest from Backflip Studios. Happy holidays!

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