Backflip has been around the block a few times. Starting with their original smash hit Paper Toss all the way through their recent hit Ninjump. In an plan to use their knowledge of making great games, and perhaps to utilize their installed base for cross promotion, they have decided to start third party publishing mobile games.

The first two games announced are from HandCircus and Lightbox Interactive. HandCircus are most famous in the iOS world for creating the first famous iOS platformer, Rolando (side note: oh how I miss Rolando). Lightbox has yet to release an iOS game.

First up, Seabeard from HandCircus. From the looks of this it's a casual title influenced by games like The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing. Take a look at the trailer below for an idea of how the game feels. From exploring the seas, farming, and questing in dungeons, there's a wide variety of game types covered here. I had a short time with a very early version of the game and it holds great promise; doubly so with a pedigree of HandCircus and Backflip. Keep an eye on this one.

Here's the teaser trailer for Seabeard.

Not to be ignored, the first mobile title from Lighthouse Interactive also looks amazing. Sort of a FTL + space simulator + arcade, Plundernauts is a cell-shaded space strategy that I can't wait to play. Take a look at the trailer below for some idea of what is coming. Yeah, this could be pretty darn good. This game is currently in soft launch in Canada and we'll have more soon.

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