Avaz – AAC App for Autism (Augmentative Picture Communication Software for Children with Special Needs) is an app that helps children with special needs improve on their communication. The app is designed to help with speech therapy and has 3 vocabulary sets that feature over 5,000 core and peripheral words. It also has automated tracking that allows speech therapists to keep track of each session while working without having to take written notes.

•Automated tracking – Helps SLPs/therapists track a child’s session while working on the app instead of making detailed notes
•Instant customization – Add a new message or edit an existing one within 15 seconds!
•Be social – Share Avaz messages on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail
•Prediction with Pictures – Use predicted words, prompted by pictures to improve sight-reading
•Record your voice – Personalize Avaz by recording a voice that the child is comfortable with.
•Use Avaz on multiple iPads – Synchronise Avaz content at home and school through Dropbox
•Visual reinforcement – Reinforce learning through animated zoom-in