renderingAutoStitch allows you to take a group of overlapping images and the program will stitch them together to form a large panorama image. One of the coolest features is that it does this automatically. You just tell it which photos to use and it will automatically figure out where to place them in the panorama.

This latest update increases the rendering speed and can create amazing 20 megapixel panoramas on the 3GS. Unfortunately due to the limited memory on older iPhones, they are limited to 5 megapixel panoramas.

I gave the new version a quick test and it worked fantastically. While other apps like Pano also make great panoramas, AutoStitch now takes the lead with the largest possible output. Fantastic little app — and it’s only $1.99. Only on the iPhone would it be this cheap.

For some great example of images created with AutoStitch, check out their Flickr group,

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Released: 2009-06-06 :: Category: Photography

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