I’d never really considered quantum physicists to be an overly-competitive bunch, but that’s the core concept behind the new iOS arcade game Atomic Fusion: Particle Collider.

You play the part of a physicist and must recreate elements from the periodic table (all 118 of them) by fusing various forms of matter. The game sports plenty of achievements, “exponential difficulty” for theoretically endless replayability, and multiple control options to cater to most preferences. And if that’s not enough, the first players to create elements 119 and beyond (yes, it goes beyond the known elements) will get to permantnly name them.

•An enormous quantum playground: 118 elements to fuse
•Become a legend: First Physicist to discover Elements 119 and beyond gets to name them
•Built for competitive Physicists: Place your name in the global leaderboards and earn some bragging rights
•Controls to fit every play style: 3 control schemes to suit right-handed and left-handed players – including the (lucky) ambidextrous
•Achievements Galore: Unlock all the secrets of the (in-game) universe!
•Everlasting challenge: Exponential difficulty equals infinite replayability