There was a time in my life where I thought that Everquest would be the largest online game ever. I was young and dumb, but most of all, I didn't at all foresee the massive social explosion that became Facebook. All at once, 10 billion people, and all of their moms, joined at once in an effort to make the world smaller/stalk one another. A bizarre thing happened though. All of the people on Facebook, seemingly also all at once, became bored, but didn't know what to do without their cyber life that quickly became their real life. To fill this void, Farmville was created, and everyone (including their mothers) joined in on the fun.

Now the iPhone, with its "there's an app for that" swagger, has no app for "that". There have been a few good attempts at a game like Farmville, but when Facebook is not involved, people quickly realized that it was not fun and stopped playing. The iPhone gamers need more action to subdue their ravaging ADD. They need pretty, they need funny... they need Astro Ranch.

"The game takes place in the far reaches of the galaxy as the player attempts to build a ranching empire from scratch having crash landed on a strange alien planet. The player may choose to play as either one of the Starlight twins, Sindy or Max as the action blends resource management (farming crops/raising livestock) with RPG elements (mini-quests) and action (fishing and panning for gold mini-games)"

I'm expecting large amounts of galactic 3D farming goodness. From the looks of things, if Farmville, Animal Crossing, and the Nintendo Wii had a child, it would be Astro Ranch. Expect the game to be out on the week of Feb. 21st for $2.99. As always, there is a trailer to watch... and this time there is a gameplay trailer after the break! Enjoy!

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