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For those who like Atari’s modernized iOS remakes, such as Asteroids: Gunner, but would rather just buy an app once and have all the content unlocked, they are now in luck. Asteroids: Gunner+ is now available from the App Store. This is the same gameplay as Asteroids: Gunner, which is the classic Asteroids gameplay reimagined as a dual-stick shooter, but now with all content unlocked upon purchase of the app, instead of having to unlock through in-app purchases. This includes 8 ships, 3 galaxies, and a total of 150 waves of enemies. The game is still universal, and still has consumable IAP for buying crystals for ship upgrades. Note that this may not be a pass for future content as well; the similar Breakout: Boost+ recently received an IAP level pack, but as this game has launched at $4.99, and Breakout: Boost+ at $0.99, the strategy for future content may be different between each. For fans of Asteroids: Gunner who are also wary of purchasing content through IAP, this may be a viable option for them.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-02-09 :: Category: Games

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