According to Carmen Pearson, Public Relations Manager for Gameloft, Assassin's Creed for the iPhone & iPod Touch is "slated to hit the App Store by early next week".

The game, which has no price as of yet, will once again place you in the shoes of Altair, Master Assassin for The Order of Assassins, as he attempts to retrieve "The Chalice" from the Templars in an effort to end the Crusades. According to IGN, "Assassin's Creed for the iDevices is indeed largely based on Altair's Chronicles, the DS prequel to the very first Creed game."

The on screen controls look a lot like what we've seen in Hero of Sparta, which is a huge relief as those were some of the best controls we've seen on an iPhone. While I haven't played the DS version of this game, the original game (one of the few games I've actually beat in the past year) relied so heavily on quick wits and fast fingers that a poor control scheme could shelve this game right next to Metal Gear Solid Touch.

Here's a run down of what you can expect from this game:

➢ Incredible variety of acrobatic moves for a very rewarding gaming experience.
➢ 6 different weapons: sword, dagger, crossbow, smoke bomb, exploding bomb and grappling hook.
➢ Skill-based mini-games test your patience & dexterity: Pick pockets, interrogate informants & more.
➢ An unparalleled sense of drama on iPhone, intensified by 3D cinematic cutscenes and voice acting.
➢ Upgrade your character and weapons with collected orbs.
➢ Highly polished 3D graphics provide full immersion in a realistic Medieval Middle East environment.

We'll have a review for you shortly after the game launches, so keep your eyes peeled next week in anticipation.


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