Artists Flocking to the iPad

Posted by Jeff Scott on April 22nd, 2010

Before it's release, one of the areas mentioned that the iPad had huge potential was in the arts. The question was how would artists take to it or would they? The iPad has now been out for less than a month and we're already seeing a great uptake from a wide variety of artists. Here are a few short videos that show more.

The First iPad DJ

Rana Sobhany gave an early preview of her DJ project, Destroy The Silence this past weekend at iPadDevCamp. The plan is to become a DJ using nothing but 2 iPads, music apps, and a mixer. Here's a short interview and demo done with Rana by Robert Scoble earlier this week.

Some of the apps she uses in the video include Korg iElectribe, Looptastic HD, GrooveMaker, and iDaft2.

Manga Artist Sketches on the iPad

yoshitoshi ABe, manga artist has posted a short video showing the use of an iPad app called Live Sketch HD. He quickly draws a beautiful sketch of a character called Ain.

Flight of the Bumblebees -- one handed?

Pianist Lang Lang played a little joke during an encore recently, using his iPad and the music app Magic Piano from Smule. One of the features of Magic Piano is that it allows you to play the piano just by playing the tempo, it will play the correct notes for you. In this video, Lang Lang plays the very difficult Flight of the Bumblebees very nonchalantly with just one hand.

[via Laughing Squid, TUAW, and iPhone Life]

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