After a good long year of waiting, the guy that was too busy to update the Remote app has apparently found enough free time to build an update.

The new update brings the amazing Remote functionality to the iPad and has finally given the retina display treatment for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Home sharing is also supported now, which lets the remote app pick up shared iTunes folders that are on the home network.

Most importantly though, at least in the eyes of Steve Jobs, the new Remote update supports the Apple TV which will be shipping soon.

If you missed the boat on the whole Remote app because of its lack of buzz over the last year, now’s the time to download. The app gives you absolute control of your computers iTunes program, letting you change the volume, change speakers, make genius lists, and best of all, run iTunes DJ… all from your iDevice.

The update is out now, so either hit the update button or download the free app as soon as you get the chance.

[Source: MacRumors]

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