Apple Rejects App Due to Limited Utility

Posted by Jeff Scott on September 4th, 2008

Apple, apparently still sore from the lashing it took over approving the I Am Rich application has started rejecting application it deems has having limited use. While this is not detailed anywhere in the developer agreements or store agreements, Apple now has the ability to do so. One of the problems with the App Store is that developers are 100% reliant on Apple for everything. They control to the keys to the store.

The app in question is a simple fart sound board application. Stupid yes, but there are hundreds of limited utility applications in the store. So this reason for rejection doesn't make much sense. Seems as though Apple doesn't like fart sounds as there was another application, Whoopie Cushion from developer DoApp rejected for another reason, community standards.

The real risk with this is that developers may spends hundreds of hours on an application and have it rejected for reasons not listed in the agreement -- or worse yet, based on the reviewers opinion.

[via Daring Fireball ]

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