App Store News Round-up for August 14th

Posted by Jeff Scott on August 14th, 2009

While Apple and AT&T's lawyers are busy dealing with multiple lawsuits for failing to deliver MMS, we've been rounding up the latest App Store news.

Man, that's a lot of beer money. Ever wonder how much you've spent on apps? There's some new software for Mac that reads all of your downloaded apps and ads up how much they would cost. To be truly accurate you need to edit the prices of some apps, but it's pretty close. I hate to tell you how much I've spent so far. Here's a hint -- I could easily feed an NFL team for a week.

In other news, man seeks attention. Someone trying to make a point decides to try and get publicity for that point. Not a new story, it happens all the time. But this guy decided he was so upset with Apple that he was going to shoot his iPhone with a 9MM and then set it on fire. That should prove a point. Watch the video for a nice case of misguided anger.

Luxor getting the Plus+ treatment Luxor, one of the best known marble shooter games is getting Plus+ integration and will be released for the iPhone soon. One of the first specific games to be announced with the social gaming platform developed by ngmoco:) integrated.

What will be keeping me busy this weekend. Worms just released an update. I'm going to try that out and hope that it fixes the major problems we had with the game. I'm testing out GPS apps. Gomi still has me hooked. Plus a couple other pre-release games I'm looking into.

What are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments. Have a great weekend everyone!

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