148Apps is proud to announce the launch of the 2010 Best App Ever Awards. Created with the goal of building public awareness of the very best apps available, not just the best-selling apps, the Best App Ever Awards has a broad set of award categories covering both apps and games. The categories focus on the quality of the app design, the overall usefulness, and the fun factor. The awards are now open to receive nominations for apps and games in all 32 categories. Nominations will close on December 31st.

Once all nominations are totaled, verified, and calculated, we'll take the top 10 nominations for each division (iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad) in each category and open them up to you, our readers to vote for the best. In addition, the 10 apps that get the most nominations overall, across all categories will compete for the title of Best App Ever.

On January 2nd, we'll post the nominees for all categories and voting will start. Winners will be announced at the 2011 Macworld Expo.

Head on over to http://bestappever.com to nominate your favorite apps now.

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