It's become pretty evident to us that the iPhone / iPod Touch is the next big educational learning tool. If you've ever seen a 2-4 year old pick up one of their parents devices, swipe it to unlock, and then easily navigate to their favorite apps, you understand. Kids just seem to take to the device so quickly and so easily. It's easy touch screen and accelerometer controls just makes perfect sense to them.

It's due to that obvious affinity kids have for the device, and the need to have a site dedicated to both general and education apps for kids and parents that we've partnered with an iPhone obsessed mom to create GiggleApps.

We're going to start out pretty slow with just a few app reviews per week. But along the way we're going to do our best to get our readers input on what they want to see and help point the site in that direction. You can keep track of the new posts via Facebook, Twitter, an RSS feed, or even Email.

Keep an eye out, it's going to be fun.

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