Big Updates to iOS To Be Announced at WWDC Keynote

Posted by Jeff Scott on June 3rd, 2013
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Apple may be making some big changes to iOS 7 if the release of the schedule for WWDC is any indication. The largest room, generally reserved for the newest technologies, is listed as "Session to be Announced" for the majority of the sessions for next week's WWDC.

Sessions marked as "to be announced" are ones that involve technologies that Apple has yet to announce, and generally does so at the WWDC keynote. The significance of them all being in the largest room at WWDC indicate that they are generally big initiatives. The WWDC app allows any registered developer to follow along with WWDC even if they are not at the event. With session videos to be published daily this year.

The app may also give is a slight indication on the direction of the new design of iOS. With it's flat and colorful design, it may be what we will see with Sir Jonathan Ive's redesign of iOS.

We still have no firm idea of what we will see at WWDC, beyond a new iOS and a new Mac OSX previously announced by Apple. Will we finally see apps for the Apple TV? A new hardware platform altogether? We'll be reporting live from the keynote to let you know.

iPhone Screenshots

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