Despite the widespread availability of mobile video sharing, the animated GIF has yet to die. Tumblr has a lot to do with that. But for those who want to create silly animated GIFs from their phones and iPods, what recourse is there? Well, there's now GifBoom!

This lets users create animated GIFs by either taking photos or importing them from the Camera Roll. Users can capture up to 20 frames at a time in a picture, with the ability to pause while capturing new frames. It is even possible to import frames from videos, to convert them into animated GIFs. Users can then adjust the frame rate, reverse the order, crop and rotate the images, and even add different Instagram-esque effects to them.

Then, images can be shared in a variety of ways. By signing up with GifBoom, it's possible to share directly to that haven for animated GIFs, Tumblr – along with Facebook, Twitter, email, and via the built-in Messages app. AS well, it's possible to sync images via iTunes File Sharing, or to save images to the Camera Roll. Images are also publishable to the public GifBoom service, with plenty of random GIFs available to view, and users to follow as well. The app is available for free.


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