Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp mid-game guide - what to do once you hit level 10

Posted by Jessica Famularo on November 24th, 2017
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By this point, you've probably hit or surpassed mid-way inAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp.The game changes quite a bit as your focus slowly shifts from endlessly fulfilling requests for campsite buddies to improving your amenities. Here are a few tips to help you make the transition to that mid-game life.

Don't waste your resources on upgrading your camper

While upgrading and decorating your camper seems super appealing, try to hold off on any expensive upgrades for now. You'll need those bells for crafting furniture and amenities.

Focus on two traits for now

Once your friendship levels hit 7, they'll be capped until you craft the appropriate amenities for their trait type. Crafting amenities is pretty expensive, so if you're working on capping out one trait, only work on upgrading two different types of amenities for now. We recommend choosing two traits that will get you the materials you need to keep upgrading. Once you max out two, you can go back and work on the others if you so choose.

Befriend anyone who gives you cotton

Cotton seems to be more of a rarity than other crafting resources in the game. Make sure that you befriend and invite over any animal that rewards requests with cotton. This will be especially helpful later on! You'll find that Bud, Tex, and Maggie all give cotton regularly.

It's okay to send some of your friends packing

You can only have 10 visitors at your campsite at a time, so eventually you'll need to choose which new friends can join you, and which old friends will have to leave (don't worry -- they'll still be wandering around other areas of the park). If you're going to focus on two personality traits, try to include mostly friends who fall under those types, or animals who give you important resources.

How is your campsite doing? Let us know what you think ofAnimal Crossing: Pocket Campso far in the comments below.

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