Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's
first big holiday event got under way this week. Players can now craft exclusive festive items and collect fun santa outfits. It's a great way to get into the holiday spirit. The only catch is, you only have 25 days to take advantage of it all. Once Christmas is past, the event is over, whether you've collected everything or not.

25 days gives you plenty of time to collect everything, though. Here's how you can craft every item and collect every costume piece before your time is up, without spending a single leaf.

What's new

Santa Pants - Timed Goal: Complete 30 requests for visiting animals
Santa Skirt - Timed Goal: Complete 70 requests for visiting animals
Santa Shoes - Timed Goal: Craft Jingle checked rug
Santa Shirt - Timed Goal: Craft Jingle fence

You'll find the new furniture items under the "special" tab in the crafting menu.

Jingle checked sofa - 20 Candy Canes; 100 bells
Big festive cake - 20 Candy Canes; 100 bells
Mountain of presents - 20 Candy Canes; 100 bells
Jingle checked bed - 50 Candy Canes; 300 bells
Jingle checked rug - 50 Candy Canes; 300 bells
Jingle fence - 50 Candy Canes; 300 bells
Jingle snow globe - 100 Candy Canes; 500 bells
Festive bow tree - 100 Candy Canes; 500 bells
Festive streetlight - 100 Candy Canes; 500 bells
Festive fireplace - 300 Candy Canes; 800 bells
Three-ball snowman - 300 Candy Canes; 800 bells

Get those candy canes

Every piece of holiday furniture only requires bells and the holiday exclusive crafting material, candy canes. You'll receive candy canes like any other crafting material -- by fulfilling requests and leveling up your friendships. Timed event goals and Shovelstrike Quarry will also award candy canes, so be on the lookout.

Focus on timed holiday goals

You'll get candy cane rewards for completing some of the event goals, which you can then use to expand your holiday furniture collection. It's a good idea to focus on these goals when you're first starting out to get a good supply of candy canes.

You'll also only be able to get the holiday Santa set by fulfilling these goals.

Have a plan for crafting furniture

You only have a few weeks to craft everything, and some of the items in this set are quite pricy. It could take you a while to save up the 300 candy canes for the fireplace or the snowman.

There are a few good approaches to take. You might want to focus on the furniture required for some of the event goals for Isabel. Alternatively, you can save up for the big items and craft downwards. Do what makes the most sense for you and your playstyle. It will vary depending on how much time you can invest in the game.

Have you started collecting the new holiday items yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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