Happy last day of the week. I hope you've been having a good one. I have. I saw ten doggos today. So because I'm in a good mood, I thought I'd round up all of the best games that are currently on sale on the App Store.

There are some real gems out there this week, and we've included links so you can go and download them. Oh, and if we've reviewed the game in question here at 148Apps, we've stuck a link for you to jump to it too. Don't say we don't treat you well. And make sure you come back next week for more awesome iOS coverage. We'll miss you if you don't.

Frederic: Resurrection of Music - Download for iOS (now 99c)

You a1re Frederic Chopin. And for some reason you're involved in an evil plot. It's up to you to stop it. And you stop it the only way you know how, via the medium of a super-slick rhythm action game. Because obviously you do.

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Portal Walk - Download for iOS (now 99c)

A good looking and super fun puzzling platformer that sees you running and jumping your way through a series of colourful retro worlds. It's fast-paced, and pretty entertaining. And at 99c it's an absolute bargain.

Bring me Cakes - Fairy Puzzle - Download for iOS (now 99c)

A game that sees you playing as little red riding hood. You need to get the cakes to your bossy grandma. And avoid the attention of the hungry wolf. 200 levels of puzzling, gorgeous graphics, and a simple control scheme make this one a real joy to play.

Sparkle 2 EVO - Download for iOS (now 99c)

This one's all about evolution. You're competing to go from the smallest microbe on the block to the biggest, baddest, multi-celled organism. Everything is coloured in gorgeous neon, and there are other organisms trying to snaffle your food source too.

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Downgeon Quest - Download for iOS (now free)

An interesting mash-up of a roguelike and a more casual experience. You're delving into dungeons, crafting the items you need to survive, and getting up to all sorts of mischief along the way. There's a neat beat to the play, and a gorgeous cartoon aesthetic too.

Mechanosaur Hijacks the Moon - Download for iOS (now free)

I mean, how can you not want to play a game with a name like that? It just screams fun and nonsense. Plus it's really easy to play. With just one finger you're trying to wipe out an evil alien race that's trying to kill the dinosaurs. Boo. Boo I say to them.

Adventures of Poco Eco - Lost Sounds - Download for iOS (now $1.99)

One of the most interesting games on the App Store. It's a musical adventure with gorgeous graphics that sees you leading an intriguing creature through a series of puzzling 3D levels. If you've not picked this one up yet, then you really should be jumping at the chance to get it for cheap.

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OTTTD: Over The Top Tower Defense - Download for iOS (now 99c)

It pretty much does what it says on the tin. This is a big and bombastic tower defense game that sees you building up your towers and trying to destroy anything that comes a wandering. Silly in all the right ways, if you're a fan of the genre then this is well worth picking up.

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Game of Roads - Download for iOS (now free)

A simple looking mix of a puzzle game and a board game. This one sees you connecting tiles with roads, and then trying to make your empire as large as possible. It's super abstract, but there's a lovely head-scratching core at the heart of things that makes the game almost impossible to resist.

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