Space...the final frontier. It's been decades since we landed on the moon, but space travel (never mind space battle) is still a dream for the distant future; however, that doesn't keep it from persistently starring in numerous video games. It looks like Owens Rodriguez's current project will also be catapulting us into space in the coming months. His upcoming game, Alien Space, is the product of over a year and a half of dedicated work, and the included video shows it.

Alien Space is an upcoming dual-stick space shooter, featuring fifty levels, a variety of weapons, an upgradeable ship, achievements, and leaderboards. The initial gameplay video shown below shows off your highly maneuverable ship as it spins through space and blasts asteroids and enemy ships alike. The graphics in this (not-yet-finished) version of the game already look superb, and the sheer fluidity of the video has me very hopeful indeed.

A one-man developer team, Rodriguez is responsible for everything: programming, art, design, you name it. He expects to release Alien Space within the next three months. Until then, we'll keep our eyes on it...Alien Space is looking like a very good addition to the App Store's shooter library. If you want to follow Rodriguez's progress, check out Alien Space on Facebook.

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