Fact #1: It’s very easy to turn off an alarm clock in your sleep.

Fact #2: It’s very difficult to focus on numbers in your sleep.

It seems only natural, therefore, that someone would eventually combine these two facts to make an alarm clock that you can’t turn off in your sleep. Enter Code Clock.

Code Clock differs from the other zillion alarm clock apps in the App Store by forcing you to enter a code in order to silence the alarm. It’s not a password that you can memorize, either; Code Clock randomly generates a new number each morning and shows it on the screen, along with the number pad the iPhone uses for making phone calls. In order to get the alarm to quiet, you have to type the four- or eight-digit number that Code Clock gives you. In other words, if you can’t think well enough to enter the number correctly, Code Clock won’t let you go back to sleep.

Assuming you don’t toss it out the window first, that is. But closing the app overnight won’t be enough to keep you safe: the app also makes use of push notifications, so that it will still play your designated ring tone at the appropriate time.

Code Clock is a product of the “cyborg unicorn brain trust” of Cause Technologies, who created Code Clock after recognizing that “mornings are evil; nobody likes them. They’re the last to be picked for dodge ball, and they generally don’t have a date for the prom.” I highly recommend reading the rest of the app’s description; it’s pretty funny.

Code Clock costs $0.99 and is in the App Store right now, so wake up and get it.

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Released: 2010-11-02 :: Category: Utilities

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