The TODAY Show co-anchor and renown weather man Al Roker has just released a new app called Al’s Weather Rokies exclusively for iOS devices. It is a cartoon-style game that incorporates real time-weather.

The game, which was created with The TODAY Show technology contributor Katie Linendoll and animator Steve Lunny, is based on a real-life experience Roker faced. The goal is to make sure a weatherman wakes up from his weather-laden dreams to get to work. It incorporates weather icons and unique characters known as “Rokies” to create the gameplay.

Roker clearly loved the process of creating the game. “Creating an app that fused animation and weather was an exciting opportunity I could not pass up. I loved being part of the creative process and sketching some of the mascots featured in the game,” he said in a press release. “I challenge everyone to WAKE ME UP!”

Al’s Weather Rokies  is available on the App Store for $0.99.