A friend (who happens to be an app developer) and I were discussing the other day the feasibility of a grocery store app that would help users find what they were looking for. The general thought was that it would be a neat app, but the time spent to money earned ratio didn't really seem to make the app worth it, at least in our eyes.

Aisle411 doesn't think so, however, as they are releasing "the first comprehensive mobile shopping platform for (the) iPhone." The app lets users find specific items in stores, and even guides them to the specific section of the aisle. In addition, the app provides product reviews, a shopping list generator, social network integration, and provides reward points and coupons for specific items.

"According to National Consumer Research, 83 percent of shoppers have trouble finding what they are looking for in stores," said Nathan Pettyjohn, CEO, aisle411. "The launch of our iPhone App and mobile website will dramatically transform the way customers find what they are looking for and make purchase decisions. As more shoppers engage with mobile technology to enhance everything from building shopping lists and finding product reviews, to navigating retail environments and sharing their shopping experiences with friends, aisle411's groundbreaking solution is evolving the way consumers interact with retailers, advertisers and brands."

The Aisle411 iPhone app is looking to launch this fall and will be available in over 1,400 retail stores in the US. There's been no mention of social achievements or status rankings yet, but I'm absolutely dying to be the mayor of Safeway, aisle 5.

Note: The video below further explains the benefits of the Aisle411 system to retailers, but it only describes the current service that is available for free by dialing 1-877-AISLE-411.

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