Adobe has released their latest app for iOS, bringing one of their most used services to Apple in an official capacity for the first time. That’s right, Adobe Reader is now available as a free universal app. Those guessing Flash, we’re sorry, but that is probably never happening. Still. Adobe Reader allows for PDF files to be opened and displayed from this app.

The advantage that Adobe Reader provides over other PDF reading solutions, which range from apps like GoodReader to even just Apple’s built-in PDF support in Mail and iBooks, comes from DRM support. The app supports files encoded with Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management, as well as PDFs encrypted up to AES256, which Adobe claims is “the highest grade of PDF encryption.” As well, it’s possible to search PDF text and copy text to the clipboard, print PDFs with AirPrint, share PDF files with other applications, and mail PDF files as attachments.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-10-17 :: Category: Business

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