At the Photoshop World conference on March 30th, 2011, Adobe demonstrated a new version of an iPad Photoshop app that features layers support, layering being one of the key features of advanced image editors like Photoshop. This would allow for advanced image editing on the go, as complex, layered images could be created, as well as with the new features like dragging and rotating of image objects, and a new color mixer tool. Adobe has yet to announce any details on when or how this would be released - Photoshop Express already exists for the iPad (as well as the iPhone and iPod touch as a universal app), but the features in this app Adobe demoed would be far beyond what we've seen from the current Photoshop Express app. A more advanced image editing app could be a major selling point on the iPad for image editors, especially with the iPad being such a portable, lightweight device. This app is a potentially major announcement, and it will be interesting to see what Adobe reveals next about this potential Photoshop app for the iPad.

Source: Photography Bay (via electronista)

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