Recently, almost every iOS user has become an amateur photographer or videographer. Instagram is probably to blame for the rise in interest in amateur photos and videos. New apps to manipulate photos and video are popping up on a daily basis. PyroPainter is a photo and video app that allows users to add special effects to their pictures and videos.

Users can quickly put together clips with effects such as shooting fireballs, huge explosions, or shark attacks. The app comes with 40 effects for free with an additional 40 spread across two in-app purchases. Animated elements (like butterflies or sea-life), markers (like arrows and circles), and weather elements (like rain or fog) come with the app for free. WIth additional purchases, users can unlock magic (fireballs and more) and action (explosions and weapons) elements. Each in-app purchase pack is $0.99.

The developer also seems interested in user feedback for updates; an in-app feedback system is included in the app where users can vote for new features. The app is free and made for the iPhone.


iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2012-06-19 :: Category: Game


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