Top 3 App Deals for 10/25/11

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on October 25th, 2011

Tired of scrolling through endless price drop lists? We feel your pain, taking pity on you and your scrolling finger. Here's what we have for you today:

Chicken Balls HD - Was $1.99, now FREE
Our reviewer gave this game 4.5 stars, saying, "The graphics and humor give the game a great vibe, and the added gameplay elements really make for a deep experience. I know I might cause some controversy saying this, but Chicken Balls is my new favorite avian launching action puzzle game."

Craigslist! - Was $0.99, now FREE
Yes, we know this is information easily obtainable online, but sometimes the mobile Safari experience isn't all we hope it could be. This app purports to make the minimalist Craigslist website more accessible to the iOS user with a native app. And it's free now, so no excuses!

Iron Man 2 for iPad - Was $4.99, now $0.99
Gameloft developed this one along with the official license holders, so you can bet Iron Man will look just like he's supposed to. Our reviewer didn't find it worth a $5 price tag, but we're willing to bet a dollar is a better fit, and quite a good deal to boot. Second chance, anyone?


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