The 7th Guest Coming to iOS

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on November 4th, 2010

Classic adventure gamers will soon get to open up their inventories and combine excitement with anticipation in order to create pure joy, as Trilobyte Games has announced that they will be porting The 7th Guest to iOS devices. No specifics have been revealed, but the game's teaser trailer is touting a Christmas 2010 release. We'll keep our eyes peeled for any additional details.

Adventure gamers fondly remember The 7th Guest as a pioneering CD-ROM title that helped popularize the medium. The horror title moved over 2 million units in its lifetime, qualifying it as a smash success both for PC gaming in general and CD-ROMs in particular. There is some question as to how well the game will work on iOS devices, but given that the original was very puzzle-centric, the translation to touchscreens should be relatively smooth and painless.

Oh, and as if this news weren't good enough, Trilobyte is also hoping to release the game's sequel, The 11th Hour, as well. Right now the studio is claiming that they'll use 7th Guest proceeds to fund 11th Hour development, so if you want to see the sequel relatively quickly then you and all your friends had best buy up tons of copies of The 7th Guest.

While many casual gamers - or those who aren't intimately familiar with old-school PC gaming - likely won't find much to be excited about here, it's big news for fans of nostalgia gaming. The 7th Guest often stands alongside Myst as one of the twin pillars that built and supported PC-ROM gaming, so the title's return is a big deal if for no other reason as an homage to the games that brought us to where we are right now.

The other great news to come out of this is that we're seeing the resurrection of a studio, as Trilobyte shut down over a decade ago, but is now coming on strong to lead the charge on this port. We'd hate to see anyone else taking over the reins of such a venerated and beloved franchise, so it's great to see the original studio back in the saddle once more. Launch day of The 7th Guest is one we'll all remember, unless of course we come down with a crippling case of amnesia and have to solve a series of demented puzzles in order to remember. Man I sure hope that doesn't happen.

[via TouchArcade]

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