3D Based Physics Puzzling With Gravity Lab! Coming Soon

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 19th, 2011
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If I had a dollar for every gravity/physics based puzzler, I'd be writing this from a sunny beach on my own private island. OK, maybe not quite, but there are a heck of a lot of them out there. While I might be a cynical person when it comes to such a genre, that doesn't stop me being intrigued by Gravity Lab!

Gravity Lab! (the exclamation mark clearly being rather important and keeping it separate from Gravity Lab, a gravity simulator for the iPad) is shaping up to be a rather special game indeed. It's from Mobile Snap, developers with some great resumes encompassing time with Gameloft, OneNineStudios and Sonic Boom Inc, makers of games such as Puzzlings and Hidden Expedition: Everest. Having joined forces, they've come up with the story of Steve the Robot.

Poor Steve needs help in order to take revenge on the mad scientist who has left him all alone. Players must help Steve by tracing a path for him as he smashes into blocks across 70 levels and 3 worlds while avoiding hot and dangerous stars. Looking at the trailer, players must still pursue these stars but by knocking them down with blocks rather than hitting them directly. This is bound to then form the traditional 3 star system of rewarding players after each level, while encouraging them to go back and improve their previous record.

Most impressive of all with Gravity Lab! is the great use of 3D imagery giving Gravity Lab! a very memorable appearance. No solid release date has been offered yet but the trailer below looks pretty great. The graphics manage to carefully maintain a cartoon like style with some great 3D effects.

I'll leave this with the trailer and series of screenshots we've been provided, but mark our words, this is one to watch.

iPad Screenshots

(click to enlarge)

Gravity Lab - Space Physics Simulator screenshot 1 Gravity Lab - Space Physics Simulator screenshot 2 Gravity Lab - Space Physics Simulator screenshot 3 Gravity Lab - Space Physics Simulator screenshot 4 Gravity Lab - Space Physics Simulator screenshot 5
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