5 reasons why 2v2 is the best mode in Clash Royale

Posted by Jessica Famularo on August 16th, 2017
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Supercell has been teasing fans with 2v2 windows that allow players to team up for limited periods of time. The Summer of 2v2 was just this past July, but players are already clamoring for more of that sweet, sweet team-based action.

The fans have been heard, and Supercell is planning on bringing 2v2 back next week, though we can't say for how long. If you haven't gotten to try 2v2 yet, here are five reasons you don't want to miss out on that 2v2 button that will be appearing next week.

It's team focused

2v2 requires a good deal of communication and teamwork, which is a refreshing change from typical 1v1 play. It's fun to team up with friends, and because there's no 2v2 ladder, there's less pressure. Plus working as a team requires using fun new strategies unique to 2v2.

The rewards are great

It's hard to argue that 2v2 yields some serious profits. This new mode allows you to grind out the chest cycle and earn some gold on the side. Starting next week, Supercell is rewarding 10 teams of 2 2500 gems if they respond toClash Royaleon Twitter or Facebook with their player tags.

You can try cards you wouldn't normally use

2v2 requires a different approach than 1v1, which means that you'll get a chance to use cards you wouldn't normally use in the game's other modes. It's refreshing to give cool, but often neglected, cards a second chance when playing in 2v2.

It's great for beginners

Most of the competitive players stay in the 1v1 ladder, so 2v2 is typically a lot less cut-throat. It's a good mode for learning the ropes. Plus, you'll have a buddy with you to help you learn new techniques.

There are many ways to play

2v2 comes in a variety of styles, including Friendly Battle and Draft, meaning there's something there for everyone. When you start to get sick of one challenge, you can easily jump to the next. 2v2 is addictive on its own, but when you can try different gameplay modes it becomes even more engrossing.

What do you think of 2v2? Let us know in the comments.

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