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True Surf is the winner of last week's 148Apps iPhone and iPad game of the week award

Posted by Harry Slater on October 9th, 2018

We've run all of the numbers through our massive, high-tech, super powerful AI-controlled computer, sent them off to the laboratories in Switzerland for final approval, and consulted our lizard overlords to ensure that we're not treading on anyone's toes, but we can now reveal that the winner of this week's game of the week award is none other than True Surf.

It was the runaway winner of the prize, thanks largely to a big vote from the surfing community. But how good is it, does it manage to capture that feeling of slicing through the waves, and do we think it's a worthy winner of our game of the week award? The answer to that last one is yes, we definitely do. You're going to have to read on to get the answers to the others though.

The excellent Small Cargo is last week's game of the week award winner

Posted by Harry Slater on September 12th, 2018

Small Cargo App Store artwork - Infinite LevelsSmall Cargo App Store artwork - Upgrades

It was certainly a close run thing this week, but after giving the numbers a while to settle, we can now reveal that the winner of last week's game of the week award is the really rather lovely Small Cargo from Appsolute Games.

It might look like another simple arcade action game, but there's actually a lot more going on here, which is why we think you chose it as your representative of the mobile gaming arts for last week. So let's look at the game in a little more depth.

This Week at 148Apps: January 23-27

Posted by Chris Kirby on January 30th, 2012

There was a vast profusion of cool stuff happening across the 148Apps network this week, but the top of the top was the culmination of our 2011 Best App Ever awards. Head honcho Jeff Scott writes, "It was an amazing year. With over 1.5 million votes cast (over three times the number cast last year) and a record number of nominations, we now have the winners of the 2011 Best App Ever Awards. Thanks to all that voted, nominated, and made these fantastic apps!"

Read the full list of winners, and our own Carter Dotson's take on them, on 148Apps.com.

Kid-friendly GiggleApps featured a review of Fun Clock-Learn to Tell Time. Reviewer Amy Solomon writes, "Few apps actually tackle explaining the true concept of telling time they way this app does. After watching the included video in Fun Clock – Learn to Tell Time, children will be will well on their way to understanding how to read a analogue clock. As a parent, I don’t think I could have explained this better myself, also wishing that this video had been around when I was a child."

Take the time to read the full review on GiggleApps.

Finally, over at Android Rundown, Carter Dotson took a closer look at Apple's recent iBooks education initiative and evaluated it for what it could mean for the Android platform. Dotson writes, "It may not have been the sexiest announcement, but Android supporters – manufacturers and users alike – should not underestimate Apple’s education gambit. Their big push into education with iBooks 2 being optimized for textbooks (both the reading and selling thereof) and iTunes U offering deeper integration with college courses could be the necessary roots they have to lay down for long-term success at the expense of Android."

Read the full commentary on Android Rundown.

And that's the week that was. Don't forget to read a full list of Best App Ever winners at www.bestappever.com, and keep following us on Twitter and Facebook for all the contests, news and reviews you can eat. I'll be playing Jetpack Joyride non-stop until next week, but I'll see you back here then.