The top 5 best gifts for mobile gamers this holiday season

Posted by Harry Slater on December 4th, 2018

Since it's the most wonderful time of the year according to most adverts, and since the most wonderful time of the year is all about the giving and receiving of presents (and probably some other stuff, we guess), we thought it was high time we found some of the best gifts for the mobile gamer in your life.

These are our top picks of the things that are actually going to make your little iOS gamer's eyes light up when they rip open their presents. Or at least we think they will - do bear in mind there's no accounting for taste and we're not trying to ruin your holidays on purpose.

If you've got your own suggestions as to what a mobile gamer would like to receive this holiday season, then do let us know in the comments. Be nice about it though, after all it's the season to be jolly. And if you're interested in what the best games of the last 12 months have been, check out the first part of our look back at 2018 right here.