Tizzy Driving Adventure Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on March 22nd, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Tizzy Driving Adventure is a charming universal driving simulator for young app users.

I do love role-playing apps in general, as they can foster a great deal of creativity in children. Tizzy Driving Adventure is the digital equivalent to the driving toy that kids love where one can pretend to drive while turning an attached steering wheel. Here, too, after choosing from a boy or girl character, the user while driving and steering has the point-of-view of looking out the front window and onto the street.

This app opens up to a map seen on the main page showing the route one will take while driving around the map, as eight mini-games are included that children drive to such as helping pick strawberries, watching ducks crossing the street or washing the car that one is driving.

These mini-games are played in sequence, but I admire that each time played, these activities are randomly found on the map, making this experience different each time children re-visit this app.

To start driving, children are prompted to turn the ignition key and then propel this easy-to-drive car, steering with the tilting of their device. Although the gas and brake pedals are not included, one can change the songs played on the radio as well as tap to sound the horn and explore the turning signals, emergency blinkers and window wipers.

When each of these mini-games is complete and the child has circled the map (including sleeping during rest stops at night, shown between every two activities), the player arrives home, and the number of stars collected along the way is shown as stars in the sky - a nice way of keeping track of the child’s progress.

This is certainly a Sunday drive for toddlers, as there are no added distractions that one needs to note while driving. Although the tipping of the device will steer the car - preferably into the stars seen floating as one drives, it is not possible to drive off the road as one watches the 3D perspective change, making this app a simplified version of other driving games.

As with other Tizzy apps, Tizzy Driving Adventure is colorful, bright and simply lovely to share with the youngest app users.

I enjoy this relaxing, sleepy pace of Tizzy Driving Adventure, great as a child’s first digital driver. This is important to know as children much older or more experienced with apps may be underwhelmed by Tizzy Driving Adventure - an app just right for toddlers and early preschool-aged children.

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