Sharebrands Stereo Headphones Hardware Review

Our Review by Rob Rich on April 30th, 2014
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Sharebrands' Stereo Headphones are a fairly affordable and comfy set of headphones.

Made by: Sharebrands
Price: $65

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Build Quality Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar

Overall Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar

Bottom Line: Sharebrands Stereo Headphones are a fairly affordable and comfy set of headphones.


It’s funny how important comfort can be when it comes to a set of headphones, which is exactly why I’ve been enjoying Sharebrands’ Stereo Headphones as much as I have. It’s also rather funny how this $65 pair of headphones is actually more comfortable than some close to $200 pairs I’ve tried. And heck, some of that $65 isn’t even profit - Sharebrands donates 25% of the sale price of each pair to help the environment (Green), men and children’s health (Blue), women and children’s health (Pink), education (Yellow), or to help fight poverty (Red).

Comfort isn’t the only thing these headphones have going for them, though; they also sound pretty good. I’m sure there are better pieces of audio headgear out there, but what I’ve been hearing is certainly not bad. None of that horrible “tinny” business, good balance, and the extra padding around the ears helps to block out a lot of background noise that could otherwise intrude on whatever the user might be listening to.

Although I’m not too crazy about the extra-long cable. It’s nice to have a decent amount of space (5.7 ft), and I love that it’s tangle-free (pretty much a prerequisite at this point), but it’s a bit too long for my taste. I just end up with way more extra cable that I can’t find a convenient place for - whether I’m sitting at my computer or using a portable electronic device that may or may not be an iPhone. I also have to say that, while the somewhat excessive padding makes the headphones hug my head quite nicely, they can also end up getting pretty warm after a while. So it would probably be best to avoid using them for long periods of time during once summer finally decides to make an appearance.

Sharebrands’ Stereo Headphones certainly aren’t the pinnacle of audio technology, but they are a nice pair of headphones for a reasonable price that also happens to help with a good cause.


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