Pepi Tree Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on January 7th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Pepi Tree is a delightful new universal interactive app that teaches children a bit about the animals found living in trees.

I really love the look of this app - colorful and highly detailed as well as filled with the sounds of the forest.

Scroll up or down the tree found center screen in this lovely children’s app as one will meet different creatures and explore activities.

At the top of the tree, help feed a colorful caterpillar, be it leaves or fruit, and then watch the metamorphosis into cocoon and finally a beautiful butterfly.

Below this top section is an area that focuses attention on an owl and takes place at night. Using his night vision, search with a finger for an animal one can hear but needs to find, later fitting it into a chunky puzzle sound on the bottom of the screen.

Also included is a chance to help a colorful spider spin a web. Then help him catch bugs as well with the tap of a finger. It is nice that here children can create webs that look like something a spider might spin, or make something creative and original.

Feeding a family of squirrels is also an activity. Tap to hear them sing, but be selective in the food you offer them.

Also enjoy the growing and feeding of forest delights to a hungry hedgehog, choosing wisely what the hedgehog may like or prefer to avoid. I did have a hard time figuring out that pretty yellow flowers were meant to be decorations in the hedgehog's hair. Because of this, I would love to have more of a prompt or hint if players seem stuck so that this section can progress to the end of this section.

Children will also have a chance to help a mole through an underground maze to his home, using differently shaped keys to his abode.

The sense of style these mini games possesses is delightful, bright and inviting. I really enjoy the song which accompanies these sections - upbeat, fun and childlike as well as having a wonderful, almost indie pop sound that many parents will especially enjoy.

The details in both the fruit devoured as well as on the caterpillar, which later becomes a butterfly, are simply splendid as are all the elements found in this app, making it stand out among a sea of other applications available through iTunes.

Although I may not go as far as to say this app is a highly educational app for children, being a language-neutral app without specific, concrete facts, children will learn about the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly as well as the different foods these animals in general like to eat and also where they live and sleep.

I am greatly impressed by how colorful and intricate the images are as well as how polished the included music is. I look forward to Pepi Play’s future applications.

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