Dr. Panda's Veggie Farm Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on January 1st, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

I am very excited to tell readers about a new Dr. Panda role-playing app for kids - Dr. Panda's Veggie Farm - which does a lovely job teaching children where their food comes from.

This delightful app opens up at a farmers market with familiar animal characters from other Dr. Panda apps that arrive and ask for fruits and vegetables to buy from Dr. Panda, now a farmer as well.

From here, play a nice selection of mini-games which allows children to grow good things to eat, be it in a corn field, tapping clouds to make rain, protecting the crops from pests and shucking the cobs once grown, to the planting of raspberries in small pots presumably on the window sill of a home. I do love how realistic this app is, asking children to rip open a bag of seeds, plant them in soil and even turn them in sunlight to help them grow.

Fans of the other Dr. Panda apps will especially enjoy the five recurring animal customers included who may ask for any of the twelve foods available to grow. My son likes to pretend that the food grown here is brought to Dr Panda’s Restaurant or taken home for the little animals from Dr. Panda’s Daycare to enjoy.

Children will find this app utterly engaging as they watch the detailed growth over seconds that would take weeks to form, all with their own active participation, as this app includes twenty mini-games - each a step in the growth process.

I really enjoy so much about this app as each food to be procured includes a nice number of steps to work through, showing at least some of the hard work that farmers experience when growing plants.

The look of this app is bright and colorful and the game play is utterly intuitive, as are the other Dr. Panda apps.

It is also nice that different sized operations are also depicted, from a small amount of fruit grown by a window or in backyard garden to a larger operation, adding interesting variations as well as two other related activities such as a puzzle game where one puts tools away in their correct locations in a work shed.

Sometimes the animal characters will also ask for seeds or for help to grow a plant which they bring to the farm - nice touches.

I am happy to see so many new role-playing apps for children now available. We find them great for creative minds to immerse themselves in, as my son loves to play with play food, sometimes selling his wares or pretending that he is a farmer. My boy can live out these fantasies now on the go or while lounging in bed without any toys cluttering the bed or couch.

This is one of a few great role-playing apps from Dr. Panda. I home to see more of these kinds of apps from these developers in the future. They keep my son engaged as well as encourage him to re-play these activities later with toys as well.

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