Viral Video Confuses Some... Not Me

Posted by Chris Hall on October 2nd, 2009
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Viral marketing, the variety that was made famous by JJ Abrams (Lost, Cloverfield), is by far my favorite form of marketing. On a typical day, my e-mail inbox is a semi disaster, with a billion e-mails about a billion things. I love them all... I really do, but the first thing I do in the morning is skim them for things that catch my eye. This one definitely caught my eye. I'll save you the filler text, but the e-mail basically consists of a youtube link and the phrase "have you seen the .?"

Why no sir, I have not, so I watched the video above.

Ok, so we have a dot being surrounded by some kind of red matter. It's menacing in a way, but it also reminds me of how I get dressed in the morning. Things just hover for a while and then slowly bond with me (I can't back that up). While pondering this thought, it hit me. In a freak moment of clarity, I figured out what the video was for. It all made sense. This was a video for the third installment of the Spot series... the long awaited sequel to Spot Goes to Hollywood! Needing a 21st century makeover, the story must go that Spot's red shell has always been something similar to a Power Suit (the one in the Metroid series), which would finally explain how he was able to shoot off so many soda bubbles. Brilliant marketing move by 7UP, I must say.

Editor's Note (Wait, I am the editor): After a few more moments of being awake, I decided to do a small investigation. I still don't know much (I kind of like the suspense... I'll just have to download the app), but I do know that this title has nothing to do with 7UP or Cool Spot. "." was created by ustwo studios, otherwise known as ' The Studio Of Dreams', during a seemingly insane 48 hour period somewhere in either London or Malmö. Apparently the red stuff isn't a Power Suit either. I should have known by the menacing sound it made, but the red is evil... pure evil.

Being the current apple of my eye, I'll definitely be looking to have a review of "." up sometime early next week. Enjoy the viral video!


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